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2021 Annual Report

Monroe Rural Fire District

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  For more information, contact:City of Monroe AdministratorDavid Lothspeich(608) 329-2527 Changes to Fire Service Coverage in 2021 Clarno and Monroe Townships End Contract

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Cities, villages, and townships in Wisconsin are responsible for providing fire protection service to residents. The City of Monroe has had an established department, the Monroe Fire Department (est. 1858), that handles fire protection for its residents.

Township governments can provide fire protection in various ways:
– Establish a town fire department
– Join with another town, village, or city to establish a joint fire department – Contract for fire protection services

Previously, the townships of Clarno and Monroe, which border the city limits, have contracted with the City of Monroe for fire protection service. The City of Monroe received notice from these townships that they would no longer be contracting the City of Monroe for fire protection services in their townships effective January 1, 2021.

Three pieces of apparatus, which belong to the townships, were transferred back to the townships at the conclusion of 2020. These pieces of fire fighting equipment, a grass truck and two water tenders, are needed in rural areas but are not necessary in a city and will not impact the city residents.

Water Tenders are used to transport water from a water source (hydrant, lake, stream) to a fire. Water Tenders are no longer needed by the Monroe Fire Department because of the hydrant system that is used throughout the city.

The Grass Truck is a heavy duty pickup truck equipped with fire fighting equipment. Because it is used primarily for the fighting of grass and brush fires in rural areas it is no longer necessary for use with the Monroe Fire Department.

The Monroe Fire Department and City of Monroe own three fire engines, two rescue squad trucks, a ladder truck, command vehicles, a utility truck, a breathing air supply trailer, a foam trailer, and other emergency rescue vehicles, tools, and equipment.

Residents in Clarno and Monroe Townships will have a change in their fire protection service effective January 1, 2021.

Residents in the City of Monroe will not be affected by this change.

The City of Monroe and the Monroe Fire Department will continue to provide the same high level of fire protection and emergency service response that residents have always expected. The Monroe Fire Department takes pride in their training, dedication, and having the shortest response time of any fire agency in Green County, and this will not change.

Yes. Headquarters will remain at Station 1 on Monroe’s far west side. This station was originally built to provide more space and to provide an improved insurance rating for our residents and commercial businesses. Due to the location of the two stations, Monroe businesses and residents currently enjoy an ISO rating of 2.

In addition, when Station 1 was completed some of Station 2 (downtown) was converted to additional space for the Monroe Police Department. Returning to a single station without impacting the Police Department would not be feasible. Doing so would also impact insurance ratings for our residents and businesses.

The City of Monroe has always been willing to provide service to the townships surrounding the city. However, the responsibility for those townships rests with the township governments and not the City of Monroe. The city was notified that our services would no longer be needed after the end of 2020.

Residents of Clarno and Monroe Townships will receive fire service from the newly established Rural Fire Department. If you are a resident of Clarno or Monroe Township and have questions about your fire service we encourage you to contact your township official.

Monroe Township Chair, Todd E. Hasse 608.325.5321 Clarno Township Chair, Tracy Signer 608.558.2231

The City of Monroe has an established department that handles fire protection for its residents, the Monroe Fire Department. This department has been providing fire protection to residents of Monroe since 1858. Members of the department are Paid-On-Call, which means they are employees of the City. They are paid hourly whenever called to duty for a fire, training, meetings, equipment maintenance work, etc. The Monroe Fire Chief is a full-time position and an official officer of the City of Monroe.